Consider this . . .

SWA is pleased to initiate a series of posts focusing on topics related to our professional lives – resumes, interviews, job satisfaction. You know the drill. It’s not a newsletter, a blog or an advice column. More like a message in a bottle that floats your way and may intrigue you and spark fresh perspectives that you might not have considered before.

Consider: Think about and be drawn towards a course of action; 

take something into account when making a judgment; 1

to care about or respect.2

As we shamelessly boast on the Sharf  Woodward website, “Over the course of more than two decades, we’ve learned a thing or two . . . “ Consider this” . . .  is our way of sharing a thing or two.

It’s a new year and an opportunity to think about possibilities and surprises that are sure to come your way in 2017.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt3